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Mark Miller, AAMS®

As a native Oregonian, Mark is proud to call the Northwest his home.  Mark looks forward to sharing his experience and expertise with those who value his advice. 


Mark and his wife Tran are committed to their Central Oregon community, where they live, work, volunteer and raise their two beautiful daughters.


A founding partner of Miller Ferrari Wealth Management, Mark has built a trusting relationship with clients covering all manners of personal, family and business interests.


Born and raised in the Portland metro area, Mark had a traditional upbringing that included a loving family and a pretty great dog, not to mention appreciated teachers, coaches, athletic teammates and friends.  Mark excelled both in the classroom and on the basketball court through his formative years. While his jump shot may not be what it used to, he continues striving to stay on top of his professional game through continued learning for his clients.  He’s also always up for a game of HORSE. Just ask. 


Mark’s passion for business came into focus in college. At the University of Oregon, Mark tapped into his talent for analytics and crunching numbers, along with a desire to learn sustainable positive business practices, leading to his graduation from the Lundquist College of Business.  Along the way, Mark also realized an even greater passion. Mark earned an Army ROTC scholarship at the University of Oregon and was commissioned into the U.S. Army in 2002. 


Mark served during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and after three years as an infantry officer, he transferred to military intelligence.  Plans changed, as they often do, in 2007. A medical condition led to Mark’s honorable discharge from the Army.


Mark then made two important choices. First, he wanted to continue helping others, this time with their financial futures, and he started his career as a financial advisor in 2007. Second, Mark and his wife – who also happened to be his college sweetheart – decided Bend was the place they wanted to raise their family.


Mark and his wife Tran, who is still a service member and a dentist in Bend, can be found around town with their daughters, hiking along the Deschutes River, skiing Mt Bachelor or volunteering and reinvesting their time to make a difference in their community. 


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